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In the constant quest to expand our riding horizons with the VERSYS-Tility machine, we focused on finding a set of tires that could handle a variety of roads and conditions.

As expected, the Pirelli MT90 Scorpion Sync tires fitted to the Ebony Versys continued to perform excellently on a variety of surfaces.

But we wanted to try something a little more aggressive so the on-road and off-road potential is a bit more favorable for the latter.

In October 2007 on one of our frequent visits toOttawa Goodtime Centre, we were shown a set of Pirelli MT 60 Corsa tires that had been left at the store by a Pirelli representative.

While there were plans to potentially use them on a Supermotard demo bike, the consensus was that the tires would likely be a good candidate for the Versys.

So a deal was struck for the pair: an MT60 in the front (120/70R17TL 58V) and an MT60 in the rear (160/60R17TL 69VRS).

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Why Pirelli?

I haven't spoken to the Pirelli rep mentioned above, but our own research shows that the MT 60 Corsas is described as a 60% on-road and 40% off-road tyre.

A V-rated radial tire, they have an aggressive, knobby tread pattern for maximum grip in all conditions and surfaces.

This design aims to provide light, responsive handling, excellent cornering combined with straight-line stability, exceptional wet performance and excellent traction on and off-road.

With a description like that, it's no wonder we wanted to try it!

The following weekend both Versys were taken to the OGC and a straight wheel swap was done for convenience.

The Scorpion tires and wheels were removed from the Ebony Versys and carried over to the Orange Versys, while the wheels on the Orange Versys with the original OEM tires removed featured the MT60 Corsa tires.

Both sets were then balanced before being reinstalled on their respective machines.

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On the road... and on the trail

How's this little experiment going? Very good after 1000 kilometers of use, thank you!

While our riding was somewhat limited due to the ever-changing weather, the Versys with MT60 shoes (mine) continue to gain plenty of time to run at their pace both on and off-road.

A little more vibration is felt in the tires, but only at lower speeds and on paved surfaces.

Overall they track and hold very well on any surface - pavement, gravel or dirt.

Another plus, especially at this time of year, is the good grip and feedback even in cold weather and when driving on cold roads.

The MT60 Corsa tires have a slightly rounder profile than the Scorpions and seem to slow down the way the bike negotiates corners.

But since the Versys is a very light and fast driving machine, that's not necessarily a bad thing overall, and you quickly learn to compensate for that.

With their slightly knobby appearance, the MT60 Corsa tires create a lot of conversation that usually leads to further questions about the machine's intended use - something we're always happy to lay bare with a single track trail, even in the middle of thick bush.

With the primary goal of finding a more than satisfied mixed-use tire, we recognize that the lifespan of the MT60 Corsa tires is still uncertain.

Although broken in quickly, after 1,000 km (620 miles) there is virtually no wear visible, despite some high-speed on-road riding and extensive off-road racing.

Further research suggests that the MT60 tire may indeed be a durable tire, so only time and distance will tell.

Corsas are slightly wide where a thinner, higher profile tire is usually preferred for more traction and stability on very loose surfaces. Your tread pattern goes a long way in mitigating this problem.

Even when the front tire pushes through loose, heavy gravel at low speed, control is maintained and feedback is provided whether the rider is standing or sitting.

As far as handling goes, we think a similar tire or hybrid on a 100 or 110 front along with a 140 or 150 rear would be an even better choice to fit on the Versys, but only if you plan on doing more driving in the Terrain Aggressive.

The Pirelli MT60 Corsa tires may not be the "perfect" setup for the Versys, but as they fulfill our desire to take the Versys to a wider range of surfaces, they are much better off-road than their cousins, the Scorpion Sync- Tires.

The MT60 are the best all-purpose tires we have come across and tried so far. We're glad the dealer hasn't mounted them to anything else yet, giving us a chance to try them out.

In summary, our first impression of these tires is very positive. It's unfortunate that prolonged (more) use will have to wait until spring - maybe.

If you like to ride hard on a wide variety of surfaces, the Pirelli MT60 Corsa tires are definitely worth a look.

Technical data of the Pirelli MT60

  • 60/40 on/off road rating.
  • Improved and V-Speed ​​rated version of the original MT60.
  • Radial Construction.
  • The on-off-road button design allows for a wide range of uses on different surfaces.
  • Installed On: Versys 2007, Sizes: Front, 120/70R17TL 58V; Rear, 160/60R17TL 69VRS.
  • Size range available for other on/off-road motorcycles.
  • Cost: A set typically costs around $265.00. Check with your local provider.

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Two "M.W." (11/09):“I have a Versys 08 with Pirelli MT60 Corsa tires - but after about 2,000 miles, 90/10 on/off road, the rear tire is almost gone.

I would like to replace them with a longer life tire that would be suitable for mainly on-road use, but also for off-road use, mainly forest trails and gravel roads. I see you had Pirelli Scorpions on a Versys - how are they?

The only other tire I can find is the Avon Distantia. Do you have any experience with these? Any feedback you can offer is appreciated.

Your website is very informative and I spend a lot of time browsing it so keep up the good work.”

Answer from HBC:The MT60 tires I had on my black Versys had about 4,500 km or 2,800 miles on them and while the rear showed additional wear it was probably still good for another thousand miles or so.

This was based on a good 50/50 mix road/trail so their wear rate was better than I expected.

Now for the Scorpion tires. I've had two sets on my Ducati Multistrada which have been used well on trails and gravel roads with no issues. The Scorpions are an excellent tire for road and dirt track/road use.

also see


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··read 3 minutes

Deadpool Motorradhelme

Our second Versys had the Scorpions installed before it left the showroom and they were still running strong after 6,500 km or 4,000 miles. I've heard of cases where one set has almost doubled.

My experience of using this tire on two bikes is that they grip extremely well, wet or dry, and take heavy hits without complaint.

The Multistrada can really be thrown around (right Ed?) and the Scorpions never fail me or give me reason to suspect their integrity.

I haven't had any personal experience with Avon distancing tires but I know many adventure touring riders use or have tried them as they are considered true dual sport tires.

They are in some ways a bit more aggressive than the Scorpions and I suspect they could of course last a bit longer depending on usage. Based on many posts and reviews they seem to be a very acceptable option for dual sport/adventure tours.

In conclusion, and it's worth it, the Metzeler Tourance tire is one of my favorites as it can handle anything thrown at it, on or off road, but I think it only comes in one rear wheel size that's up the Versys rim fits. .

And while I don't advocate mixing tires or brands, many have ridden them on the Versys and seem happy with them.

From "GA":“I bought my Versys in August 2007. I'm absolutely thrilled. Now I'm looking for new tires. How are the MT60? I noticed that the Avon Distantia has both front and rear sizes, but they are supermoto tires (softer compound).

Would have to go with every other possible double sport tire 150/70-17 for the rear.

The problem is combining a front tire with rear tires. My ideal usage would be 70/30 on/off, but I have to settle for 60/40 to 80/20. And I want longevity. Coming back to the original question, how are the MT60s doing?”

Answer from HBC:The black Versys has just under 3200 km or 1984 miles on the odometer and the tires are just beginning to show some wear. Typical usage so far has been around 60/40 (on/off road) but in Spring/Summer the mix will likely be 50/50.

I suspect they will last up to 5000km or more, maybe a little less when it comes to continuous high speed driving.

Off-road they were pretty good... a slightly narrower tire (150 rear and 110 front) on both ends would probably be better for the really soft stuff.

The current sizes put some pressure on the soft material and coarse gravel, although handling remains good, thanks in large part to the good front wheel and overall light weight etc.

More and more mixed tires are available in different patterns and compounds, increasing the choice.

If the Versys remains a dual-use machine in all respects, the next set will likely be a 150/110 set in a different pattern or brand just to try them out.

In this regard, the Orange Versys' Scorpion Syncs have been in use for a little over 3000km and are still intact. These tires were mainly used on road, sport and high speed highways and partly off road, so probably an on/off usage ratio of 70/30.

I suspect this set will get at least 8-10km if my experience with them on the Multistrada is any indication. The Syncs remain our top pick for general road use.

Also, I forgot what premature tire wear could be. I believe the MT60s are rated as a medium mix ie for SM or competition purposes etc. Wear can be accelerated.


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