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Average score in the category: 7.7

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Is Pirelli better for products?

There are a plethora of options when it comes to products in the category, and with Pirelli products in total, you have the difficult choice of choosing the best product.

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  • main features
  • Pirelli MT60 RS – 180/55 HR17 (73H) Radial casing with steel reinforcing belt Stability under braking and great support on slopes Multi-radius profile Great handling at speed and changes of direction Offers easy and pleasant driving The Pirelli MT60 RS tire was optimized for supermoto while ensuring excellent off-road performance. Reinforced casing capable of guaranteeing comfort and stability even at full load. The tread pattern of the MT60 RS has a specific block pattern to ensure maximum grip on the road and good off-road traction. Excellent traction on all surfaces and in the most diverse weather conditions. We are unable to ship tires outside of the UK.
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Pirelli MT60 RS review: 96% quality score

In our most recent review review of the Pirelli MT60 RS, we found that it did a great job with a score of 96% and based on customer reviews on SportsBikeShop it scored a 5 Not Yet Rated based on reviews not yet rated.

Best price on the Pirelli MT60 RS

We run regular searches to find the best prices on products, as you can probably imagine SportsBikeShop usually appears at the top of the value pricing table.

The best value product in the category is just £0, with the highest price at £0. For items made by Pirelli, the cheapest is £32.53 and the highest cost is £243.49. The average price of the category is #DIV/0!. Running our last price check, the Pirelli MT60 RS was available for £148.83 at SportsBikeShop.

The Pirelli MT60 RS scored 84% compared to other similar products.


Pirelli is obviously one of the best-selling brands in the category.

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(Video) Pirelli MT60 RS tyres on the Honda NC750X

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