I've been to Disney countless times since 1993. Here are the best tips I've learned over the years (including the best fireworks views!) (2023)

Say "hakuna matata" with these tips while planning your next Disney trip.

Think of spending a happy ending holiday inWalt DisneyWorld? Well, whether it's your first time or (how it feels)first timeforever, I giveTo darnmy tips that may be useful before or during your stay.

Since my first visit to Walt Disney World in 1993 - just three months before my thirdbirthday—I was lucky enough to have visited the parks several timesfamilyand friends.

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I've been to Disney countless times since 1993. Here are the best tips I've learned over the years (including the best fireworks views!) (2)

Of course just a few hours away to live in South Florida and aFlorida Resident Annual Passmade traveling so much easier over the years. As an adult I have continued to enjoy visiting the parks, albeit not as often as when I was younger, but I have oneMatch Pixie Dust by Disney(Sometimes the annual pass can make more sense than buying a standard theme park ticket) and every trip is just as memorable as the last.

With its exciting attractions, holiday celebrations and festivals year-round, Disney World is a vacation destination for visitors of all ages. Before creating your own magical park memories, here are some helpful tips...

15 Walt Disney World tips

1. Reserve dinner in advance

If there is a particular restaurant that you enjoy dining at, I recommend making a reservation prior to your visit. Guests can book up to60 diain advance. And don't give up if you can't get one online! Once in the park, you can stop by the restaurant you want and see if it's available on the same day.

2. No car? No problem

Complimentary transportation is provided around the Walt Disney World Resort. Guests staying at the property can use the bus, boat and monorail service. There is also a Skyliner that travels to a select number of resorts and between Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

3. Enjoy Disney Resort benefits

In addition to using the free shuttles to and from the theme parks, there are perks for staying at Disney properties. People who have a car and are staying at a Disney resort can use the free standard parking lots at the parks in addition to early theme park admission.Disney Resort Hotels and other select hotelsYou can enter the parks 30 minutes before opening!

4. Redeem Points for Disney Resorts

Visitors can use Marriott points to book a stay atWalt Disney World Cisneit is atWalt Disney World Dolphin Resort.

5. Download the My Disney Experience app

Before you go to the parks, I suggest downloading thoseMy Disney Experience app. The app is useful both inside and outside the parks. You can check into your Disney hotel, unlock your Disney resort hotel room, and view park times and attraction wait times—all in the app.

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6. Watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside the park

Guests do not need to be at the Magic Kingdom to see the park's nightly fireworks display. The evening show can be seen at the California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort. theMusicplayed in the park is played in the restaurant while fireworks light up the sky. If you ate at California Grill earlier in the day, you can return for the evening fireworks as long as you have your receipt.

I've been to Disney countless times since 1993. Here are the best tips I've learned over the years (including the best fireworks views!) (3)

7. An unlikely place to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks

Trying to find a seat to watch the fireworks in front of Cinderella Castle can be chaotic with the crowds at times. If you can't find one in front, behind the lock is an option. In the past, I've had an amazing view of Happily Ever After sitting in front of the Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland. Of course we couldn't see the projections on the castle but the fireworks were spectacular.

8. Get a "Celebrate" button

Let everyone at Disney World know you're celebrating with a courtesy button! Subject to availability, buttons commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, first visits or special occasions may be requested at your Disney Hotel or Parks Guest Services.

9. Single rider line can save time

If you don't mind being separated from your group, going solo is an alternative to waiting in a long line. The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios and the Test Track at EPCOT offer a single-passenger queue. Every time I've used it, it's gone quickly!

I've been to Disney countless times since 1993. Here are the best tips I've learned over the years (including the best fireworks views!) (4)

10. Get up early for virtual queues

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind on EPCOT does not have a regular queue. The only way to enjoy the thrill of the attraction is to purchase a Lighting Lane or join the virtual queue. You can try to join the virtual queue from 7am on the day of your visit to the park.birdsreceives the worm, the beginningVogelIn this case, you manage to save the galaxy! I suggest setting your alarm for 6:58 AM so you can open your mobile device and join the queue on time.

A second virtual queue opens at 1:00 p.m. As with Cosmic Rewind, guests must join a virtual queue or purchase a Lighting Lane for TRON Lightcycle/Run, which opens in the Magic KingdomApril4, 2023.

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11. Lightning lanes might be worth it

Gone are the days when Disney offered free FastPasses. Guests now have the option to purchase the Disney Genie+ service, which offers select Lighting Lanes. Other Lightning Lanes can be purchased individually. I will say that Lightning Lane has been 100% worth it for me when it comes to riding the Cosmic Rewind - especially if you don't make it in time to join the virtual line or miss your boarding group because You're not in the park yet (yes, that's happened to me). With TRON Lightcycle/Run coming out in 2023, purchasing a Lightning Lane is a surefire way to ensure you experience the exciting new attraction.

12. Order your meals in advance

Instead of queuing at a restaurant to order food and drinks, save some time (you'll need it for rides!) and place a mobile order in the My Disney Experience app. Simply order and pay in the app and collect your food after receiving a notification that it's ready.

13. Disney offers a Disabled Access Service (DAS).

Disney has a Disabled Access Service (DAS) program that allows guests "who, due to a disability, have difficulty tolerating extended waits in a traditional queuing environment" to choose a return time for a ride and access the route at an appropriate time . PerDisney, eligible guests can pre-register “as early as 30 days prior to a park visit, but no less than two days prior to arrival.”

14. Line up for a ride before the park closes

While the park may be closed, guests already waiting in line for an attraction can still join the ride. Just make sure you get in line before the park closes.

15. Try to avoid the summer months, but if you can't, stay hydrated.

My hottest tip would be to avoid summer because if you're anything like me, you'll feel like Olaf melting awayin summer. But understandably, summer is a good time, and possibly even the only time, for a family to travel with children outside of school and classes. So if you're going to Walt Disney World during the summer months, be sure to dress appropriately for the hot weather. You might also want to bring one with yousuncreamebottle of waterthat you can refill during the day and know that you can order a glass of water and ice cream at the restaurants in the parks - it's free!

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