9 popular luxury brands that are cheaper in Europe (and where to buy them!) (2023)

Europe is high on the list of avid travelers for a number of reasons. The diverse culture, amazing architecture and limitless adventures are just the tip of the iceberg? It is also fast becoming a paradise for luxury shopping. With great deals in beautiful stores, it's no wonder Europe is also one of the best dressed continents in the world!

How is it cheaper?

Very simple: VAT refund for non-EU citizens

However, for non-EU citizens shopping in Europe, saving can still be considered as they are eligible for a tax refund. Please note that exchange rates, varying tax amounts, service charges and any import duties that the respective countries may have will affect the total price paid and, in turn, money saved.

Offers on designers - Spill the tea!


Due to the number of variables involved, it's hard to say exactly which country is the cheapest to buy from, so it's still best to do your research and do the necessary calculations closer to the travel time to get a real get an idea of ​​the numbers.

However, I can spill the tea where you are guaranteed to find some of the best prices ☺️ The key word to remember is LUXURY, and then it is almost an abomination to use cheap in the same sentence: Let's stick to the BEST DEAL.The main idea is that you can save a lot of money by shopping in the right places!Please don't expect me to reveal a $10 Chanel bag - that's some kind of magic I just can't?

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Walking into flagship stores like the Champs Elysees to pick out gorgeous leather goods while your pretty heels grace the perfectly polished floor is a bag lover's dream. However, these iconic stores, including Louis Vuitton, are also notorious for their queues, full of eager customers buying up their allowed quota. The staff are often very busy and so unless you know exactly what you want, the shopping can feel quite rushed and the experience can be somewhat underwhelming!

For a less hectic experience, try Avenue Montaigne orGalleries Lafayette. To avoid making the buyer regret major purchases, do as much research beforehand and if you are looking for something specific, remember that you can always call stores ahead of time to check if the item you want is in stock and for an updated price. then you can continue with the comparison.

P.S: Galeries Lafayette is part of ours9D8N Paris Directions!

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Stores likeThe good marketin Paris will give you your VAT refund on the spot which is convenient and brilliant on their part as you will most likely be putting the money back into their finances!

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The best prices for French brands are more likely to be found in France and Italian brands in Italy. So while shopping in Paris, keep an eye out for offers for e.g. Givenchy, Chanel, YSL and Louboutin.

This isn't a hard and fast rule, of course, but hopefully it will help give you some direction.The Valley Villageis an outlet center on the outskirts of the city packed with great Parisian style at discounted prices. For the ultimate shopping experience, check outthese brands that are cheaper in Paris than at home!

If you want to save up to 30-40% on retail prices, outlets are for you! Burberry has a few brilliant locations in the UK includingBicester townInBurberry factory storein London. The latter is becoming more popular by the day as it is just a bus ride from central London. The neat and spacious store provides an overall enjoyable shopping experience.

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Like most stores, expect some off-season stock from official stores, especially outerwear, jeans and shoes, as opposed to handbags and accessories. Don't rule this one out completely though, you never know! A little tip, try calling the shop ahead of time to find out when they expect their next delivery and be there as soon as they open so you can get your first bites and hopefully score a brilliant bargain. Good luck! And look for more affordable purchasesthese brands are cheaper in London than at home.

The largest outlet center in Europe,Designer Outlet Serravalleis a short drive from Milan with hundreds of high to medium brands. Besides Saint Laurent, Versace, D&G and Robert Cavalli are also some of the best brands you can find with a potential discount of 30-50%.And if you're lucky, maybe up to 70%!

Located in the beautiful hills of Tuscany,The shopping mallis an exclusive outlet bursting with both Italian and non-Italian brands. Each brand has its own beautifully presented sprawling shop. There is free on-site parking and a chic rooftop café with great views. Get ready for a full day of shopping as you explore great deals, including 50% off original prices and impeccable quality.Gucci's Factory Outlet is on The Mall and new clothes and accessories are coming in every day?! Your pTock is occasionally out of season and The Mall can be very busy with tourists so be prepared for the crowds.

9 popular luxury brands that are cheaper in Europe (and where to buy them!) (5)

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Even though it is an outlet, they are still designer brands with designer prices. Remember that word "cheap"? Yes, did we leave it at the beginning of this article? You can expect Moncler, Ferragamo, Valentino, Versace and TODS, just to name a few.

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Designer Outlet Roermondis only 20 minutes from the German border and is possibly one of the most visited shops in the entire area(not surprising as they can offer up to 70% off designer items!).Expect spacious stores and a large selection of products, including seasonal designs. Popular brands here include Prada, Zegna, Tag Heuer watches, Mulberry, Kipling and many more.

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The luxury homegrown department storeBrun Thomasis located on the colorful shopping street of Grafton Street. With a wonderful selection of luxury brands, very friendly staff and superbly curated displays, this is easily one of Ireland's most popular spots for casual shopping. Brand aficionados have reported getting up to 20-50% off luxury names during the sale seasons and were just as thrilled with the excellent customer service they received.

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Again, tax breaks allow non-EU customers to make significant savings all year round on brands like Hermes. Remember to always bring your passport to be eligible for the refund and check with the shop beforehand if you are looking for something special.

8. CELINE in Paris

Lucky for you, there are 3 designer stores that stock the chic brand! Go toOfValley townthat's a group of 110 outlet stores right next to Disneyland Paris if you're in the area, orAvenue Montaignefor the luxurious Champs Elysee experience minus the shoving, shoving and frenzied crowds, or the world's first department store,The good market, for a classic experience.

9. Dior in Paris

Since the 1940s, he pioneered pioneering womenswear looks that balance masculine elements with a feminine touch.Diorhas continued to show a feminine silhouette even as it follows trends. Whether you're carrying a LadyDior bag or wearing one of their signature fragrances, you're sure to make a strong and elegant statement! You can check out their flagship store on the Parisian Champs-Élysées. There is alsoseveral outlets spread across Paris.

10. POLAND in Paris

This new designer brand has become popular in recent years. It is luxury at an affordable price with its premium leather goods. It is based in Paris and they only have one store there at the moment! You can check out their store in Paris at 69, rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris, open every day from 11am to 7:30pm.

11. Loewe in Spain

Loewe bags are very trendy and popular with women. The Amazona, Flamenco and Puzzle bags are some of the iconic and recognizable bags on the market. Loewe may not be as popular as Louis Vuitton or Dior, but the brand has unique and modern handbags with an aesthetic that will make most shoppers pay any price to own one. Because it is a Spanish brand, Loewe is cheaper to buy in Spain than in other European countries. You'll get more good deals worth your money if you pick Loewe items a few seasons old. There are a few Loewe stores in Spain, but we recommend going to the new CASA LOEWE Madrid.

So which European country is the cheapest for luxury brands?

Prices for luxury goods in European countries are about the same; the main variant is VAT, which is partially refunded before you depart from your European final destination. But remember to check prices closer to the travel time to get a better idea of ​​the actual prices. Since savings are likely to be nominal across the continent, choose a destination that ticks all your other boxes as well. I mean, surely you want to travel for more than just retail therapy?

And if that's not enough shopping for you, here's another list7 Best Places for Luxury Shopping in Europe!Walk in and shop till you drop! We know we definitely would?

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9 popular luxury brands that are cheaper in Europe (and where to buy them!)? ›

Luxury goods are often the lowest priced in the UK, German and France, so we can totally see why! Plus, with 90% of luxury goods manufactured in Europe (usually France or Italy), the items aren't shipped to faraway destinations, hence the lower costs.

Where in Europe is it cheapest to buy luxury brands? ›

Luxury goods are often the lowest priced in the UK, German and France, so we can totally see why! Plus, with 90% of luxury goods manufactured in Europe (usually France or Italy), the items aren't shipped to faraway destinations, hence the lower costs.

Which country in Europe is best to buy luxury goods? ›

Best countries to shop in Europe

Additionally, while the US dollar is worth more than the Euro, it's not worth more than the British pound. So, if you have to choose, France is probably the better option, especially if you're shopping for luxury items.

Is it really cheaper to buy luxury goods in Europe? ›

Luxury brands (especially French and Italian brands) offer cheaper pricing in Europe than in the United States. That said, American and British brands aren't usually cheaper in Europe. See the next sections to find out why designer bags are cheaper in Europe and which brands you can expect to have lower prices.


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