20 Best Cafeteria Designs - Cafeteria Layout, Interior Design and Decor (2023)

Open a coffee houseis a telling idea in 2018, because so many people around the world are crazy about coffee and their love for the different varieties. Do you know that there are about 100 million coffee lovers in the US alone, which is why this industry is thriving? So it is not a good idea to say that a coffee company is perhaps the most viable and safest solution in the entire hospitality industry. Starting a cafe is profitable; there are so many stories of small cafeterias growing into a large chain of cafes. An example is the success of Starbucks, which today has more than 25,000 stores worldwide.

Are you considering opening a cafeteria? The first thing you need is to formulate a solid business plan. This document defines exactly what your business is, what are the short and long term goals? The business plan also includes determining your potential customer base and the type of competition you expect. In short, if you don't plan your business properly, you significantly reduce your chances of achieving important business goals.

Now we come to the larger aspect that can make or break your coffee business, the design of your cafeteria

Just think for a second why people visit big coffee houses like Starbucks instead of preparing their favorite brew? Yes, the exclusive taste is what they crave, drinking coffee in a cafeteria is about the experience, something they can enjoy over a cup of cappuccino. Your customers only come to your coffee house because of the rich coffee experience that you will present. This is why investing a good amount of money into the overall design of the cafeteria can help your business stay ahead of the competition. The design of your cafeteria will entice your customers to visit your cafe more than once and recommend it to their friends and family.

S.nr5 things to know when opening a cafe
1You must offer added value to your customers
2Explore new areas with great potential
3A business plan is key
4You need money for equipment
5Pay attention to administrative requirements and regulations

The design of the store

First of all, you need to decide on the exteriorcafeteria interior, you can opt for the traditional designs or offer something unique that coffee lovers have never experienced. Ideally retaildesign of your cafeshould be such that it easily conveys the message to your customers. You can have a lavish atmosphere with performers playing the guitar while your guests sip their brew or an outdoor seating area in the lap of nature, there is so much you can do to exceed your customers' expectations.

Best cafe design ideas

1. The wooden ceiling

Create a striking effect with the layered and wood-like ceiling in your coffee shop. This is acoffee shop decoridea that has a magical ability to immediately attract attention. You can talk to a specialist in commercial interior design to help you create a great atmosphere for your customers with the right use of the ceiling.

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2. Homey feeling

Create a homely atmosphere in your coffee shop. This coffee design idea is great for friends and families to visit your place. Your customers will experience that they enjoy coffee in their salon.

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3. Wealth

Add a touch of opulence and a sense of royalty to your coffee shop by investing in ornate decor. The wall mural should be composed with artistic paintings that can catch the attention of your customers, giving them a good reason to visit your coffee house every weekend.

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4. Open design

The latest trends in the market are for clustered environments, but some follow the opposite path by having an open design where your guests can explore ideas in their heads.

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5. Living environment

Create a vibrant cafeteria design by playing with a wide range of colors and diversecoffee shop wall decorationpossibilities. Go for bold and modern furniture.

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6. Beach environment

Built a perfect outdoor cafeteria with a coastal vibe. But if your coffee shop isn't on a beach, you can create a setting with sunny wooden tables.

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7. Retro teak wood design

You can go in so many directions with teak. How about a striking lounge area awash in wood? This makes for a stylish yet quiet place to enjoy coffee

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8.Black and white

A minimalist cafe design with maximum practicality is always a favorite place for customers. Just add sleek black and white chairs and coffee tables and it will become a favorite place for busy office goers to grab a quick bite and relax after hectic office hours.

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9. Lights

Wood-like interiors and warm lighting make the cafe a favorite destination for ceremonial family dinners. The hanging lanterns enrich the dining experience.

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10. Dome

Your customers love it when you make them feel special. Create a dome-like structure around the table. Give a perfect finish by placing a hanging lamp in the center of each table that looks like the top of the dome.

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11. Metallic

Design a sculptural ceiling inspired by the steam of coffee. Add a few metal sculptures of coffee machines to the wall and use metal surfaces and furniture to create the illusion of more space.

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12. Rustic design

Add beautiful brass lamps draped over the tables and keep the walls simple with a rustic brick design. This type of cafe decor is perfect for writers, readers and artists who like to spend their winter afternoons in cozy surroundings with a nice cup of cappuccino.

13. Industrial coffee shop

Metal tables attached to the walls and exposed tubes with lamps give a perfect industrial atmosphere. Small stools and wall-mounted mini tables convey a clear and smart interior message to your customer.

14. Scruffy brick wall

Go for a softer industrial decor with shabby brick walls and metal furniture. You can soften the look with throw pillows, flowers, and pastels.

15. Wooden pallets

A wall covered in pallets contrasted with red chairs and retro tables give traditional vibes with a touch of modern decor. This type of cafe design is perfect for family gatherings and casual business lunches.

16. Renaissance

Evoke classic royal feelings in your cafe interior by going for the renaissance feel for your cafe decor. Choose soft colors from the color palettes (pink, pearl, purple and blue) and finish the look with gold mirrors.

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17. Hanging cups

For a more futuristic and innovative cafe design, hand cups and plates on the counter. You can also personalize it by placing a sphere in the cups and hanging it on top of any table.

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18. All white

White, with a hint of gold, creates a peaceful atmosphere in your coffee shop. White walls and matching furniture create a minimalist look and create the illusion of a larger space. Try adding classical piano music or soft jazz music in the background to match the mood.

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19. Parachutes

People who love adventure sports will surely fall in love with this interior design. Attach parachutes to the ceiling along with a cute pilot model attached to the bottom.

20. 60s style

Go bold with a super colorful green and pink interior in classic 60s style. Choose flashy pink tables and green chairs for the interior. Boost the mood with music from the 60s.

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How to choose the right furniture for your cafe

1. Your idea

The concept behind your cafe should be your first consideration when choosing the furniture. If you're planning to open a take-out cafe with the option to sit down and grab a quick bite, you can opt for a more minimalist approach to interior design. On the other hand, if you are opening a café where people come to sit for a while, your café furniture should be inviting, comfortable and designed for sitting for a long time. If your café hosts much larger parties, consider buying large tables to accommodate them. Make sure the theme of your furniture matches the theme of your cafe.

2. Consider furniture material

Does your café have a classic, natural look? If so, wood and medium density fiberboard are excellent choices. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material is also very good to consider for a brighter, more colorful option. If you're creating a more elegant atmosphere for your guests, you're better off investing in glass. Whatever material you choose for your furniture, make sure it is something you can maintain and replace as often as necessary.

3. Multifunctional furniture

Does your cafe offer outdoor seating? Are you a location and weather where guests can sit outside all year round? Can guests use the space in winter? You should consider these important aspects before choosing furniture for your cafe. Invest in affordable furniture that offers dual functionality as it looks impressive both inside and out. Choose a material such as aluminum or a high-quality polypropylene for more durability.

4. Quality, durability and maintenance

It is wise to invest in furniture that can take a beating. Make sure you buy furniture that is durable and well made. Always buy commercial grade furniture as it is easier to maintain. Buy high-quality interior options that require little maintenance, such as anodized aluminum or powder-coated steel. Wooden furniture needs more care, so you need to make sure your bar staff know how to best care for it. When choosing coatings for your furniture, always opt for a waterproof material, as spills are an unavoidable occurrence in a café. If your café has wood or tile floors, consider placing non-scratch pads on the underside of your tables and chairs. It not only protects your floors, tiles and carpets from visible scratches, but also helps reduce noise when you move the furniture.

5. Lav Research

The easiest way to make sure you're getting the most out of your budget is to do some research. You can keep your costs low by cutting out the middleman. With a little help from the internet you can quickly note the manufacturer and settle with him directly. You can also go for commercial furnishing of your café. Be careful not to pay more than the market price.

Finally, why think or rethink, try one of these ideas according to your budget.

How would I rate a cafe location?

Location is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors influencing the success of your business. So you need to spend time and energy to find the right place to invest. Do you know if there is local foot traffic in the area, is your potential customer base coffee fans or not? And above all: find out more about the competition in your area!

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How do I determine the business identity of my coffee shop?

In today's competitive business environment, branding is key, it will give your company the edge it needs over its rivals in the market. Have a company logo and market it on various social platforms. This is actually crucial to attracting customers to your coffee shop.

Are there local permit and license requirements?

Yes, it is an important aspect of starting a coffee business. While this can be frustrating, plan ahead; talk to people who are well versed in licensing related to cafeteria setup.

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