17 Legitimate Ways to Get Paid to Write (2023)

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Getting paid to write may seem easy, but the reality is a bit more complicated. Freelance writing can be hard to come by and the pay can be low (or non-existent) for beginners.

The trick is to publish your first few articles or creatives, and then use them to land bigger, higher-paying clients. And even if long-term freelance work isn't your goal, building a portfolio showcasing your published work can jump-start your career as a writer or subject matter expert.

However, getting those first few pieces published is often the hardest part of your writing journey. To help, we've compiled several places where you can get paid to write right now. We've also included proven techniques to allow you to grow as a writer and, ideally, earn more money writing in the long run.

Get paid to write for websites, blogs and more with a flat rate

If you're new to freelance writing, one of the first things you'll notice is how opaque the entire process is. Websites, blogs, and publications often rely on armies of freelancers, but their contribution and payment guidelines are often nowhere to be found.

Instead of diving right into negotiations with publishers about assignments and pay, first try to find a website or publication that has an easy process for contributors so you know exactly what they're looking for and how much they're paying. (We'll cover pitching and trading below.)

Ready to make money writing online? Here are 20 websites to try launching:

1. Hackers

Copyhackers is a content company based in Canada. It provides educational materials to help new copywriters, as well as paid opportunities for copywriters to post long articles on the Copyhackers blog.

That isShipping Guidelinesare clear: you must be well versed in the subject you are pitching. And you should expect to write blog posts that are 2,000 words or more "unless it's an extremely wonderful and incredibly readable read."

Pay: $300 to $1,000 per blog post

Categories/Topics:Advertising, branding, UX (User Experience) or marketing concepts; freelance lifestyle or tips; entrepreneurship

2. List verso

As the name implies, Listverse specializes in lists, also known as list posts. These are clickable posts, where each main point is part of a numbered list (sort of like the article you're reading right now!).

OGuidelines for Contributorsmention that you can write articles related to "any topic you're interested in" (sports, self-help, personal stories, or gaming excluded), as long as it's interesting, well-researched, and in the form of a list of at least 10 with two paragraphs per listing .

To narrow this down a bit, the site is divided into various themes: weird, entertainment, general knowledge, lifestyle, science, society, and more. Your articles should roughly fall into these areas.

Note: Listverse will only pay freelance writers via PayPal.

Pay:$100 per listing post

Categories/Topics:Weird, entertainment, general knowledge, lifestyle, science, society and more

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3. Narratively

To understand what kind of articles Narratively publishes, just look at the tagline: "Human Stories Bravely Told." All sections of the site are open for submissions. Just make sure your story is long, engaging, and has strong narrative elements.

For a detailed breakdown of the different sections and types of stories, please readNarrative Presentation Guidelines. You will need a Submittable account to submit your draft.

Pay:$300 to $400 per item

Categories/Topics:Personal essays, extraordinary high school sports stories, unexpected family businesses, hidden history, and related articles with a human-interest narrative approach.

4. Reader's Summary

Reader's Digest needs no introduction. But what you probably didn't know is that it offers one of the most fun and low-risk ways to get paid to write.

But instead of going straight to the big leagues with a cover story, you can submit jokes and short stories to Reader's Digest, which will publish them online and in the print magazine. If your shipping is selected, you'll get $100 each. (That's one of the highest rates per word in the industry.)

Be sure to follow the appropriate guidelines forjokesmi100 word true stories.

Pay:$ 100

Categories/Topics:True personal stories or jokes (100 words or less)

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5. Unemployment

According to their website,unemploymentvilleit is “a place for those who have felt the pain of being unemployed”.

It's also a place where you can write guest blog posts if you have interesting small business ideas, helpful job search techniques, or personal stories about coping with job loss.

Unemploymentville accepts submissions every two months. You can only submit stories in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Pay:$25 to $75 per blog post

Categories/Topics:Unemployment, job search, side hustle, personal essays related to job search

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6. Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest is a century-old magazine dedicated to publishing "everything writers need to stay inspired, improve their craft, understand the unique challenges of publishing today, and get their work noticed."

In accordance withShipping Guidelines, Writer's Digest accepts submissions to a variety of magazine sections and occasionally accepts cold proposals for online guest posts.

Pay:30 to 50 cents per word (print); or $50 to $100 (online)

Categories/Topics:Personal essays, memoir manuscripts, and stories of interest to the writing community.

7. Valuation Payment

RankPay specializes in providing business solutions with services like PPC, content marketing, and website design.

In accordance withBlogger Program Submission Guidelines, RankPay accepts article submissions that are useful, well written, actionable and of course 100% original content. Response takes approximately 2 weeks after submitting an item; not all submissions will receive a response.

Pay:$50 per blog post

Categories/Topics:SEO, content marketing, small business

8. B. Michelle Pippin

Michelle Pippin is the founder and CEO of Women Who WOW, an organization of women entrepreneurs. Writers with first-hand business experience can earn money by being published on a company blog or through a private newsletter.

pippin requiredHire writers with real business experience, particularly on issues related to women entrepreneurs. You'll earn more money if your article is published in the members-only print newsletter, even though it may never be published elsewhere again.

Pay:$50 to $150 per blog post

Categories/Topics:First-hand trading experience, marketing and profit tricks

17 Legitimate Ways to Get Paid to Write (1)

Get paid to write using freelance sites

To diversify your income as a freelance writer, you can also sign up for freelance marketplaces, sometimes called content factories. For these types ofautonomous sites, there is usually some sort of screening process before you start working with clients.

Sometimes companies give you freelance jobs and you can accept or reject them. Other times, customers will contact you personally through the marketplace's messaging system. Payment varies by marketplace, but it is always channeled through the marketplace rather than directly from the customer.

professional advice

Freelance marketplaces are a low-risk way to test the waters as a freelance writer, but they're not the most profitable option in the long run.

9. Copy Press

CopyPress is a content marketing agency that provides its own content management system that freelancers can use to connect with CopyPress client projects.

While it offers freelance work for designers, developers, and influencers, content writing and editing is the bread and butter of CopyPress.

Sign up for free and start your training.

Pay:About 6 to 10 cents a word (writer); 1 to 2 cents per word (publisher)

Categories/Topics:Varies by project.

10. Fiverr

Started in 2010, Fiverr is a marketplace for freelance services that has grown to become almost synonymous with freelancing. You can offer just about any professional service imaginable on the site, but freelance writing services are especially popular.

You needcreate a freelance profileto start bidding and accepting freelance jobs.

And contrary to the name, you can charge any amount you want, not just $5. Fiverr takes 20% of the cut, though.

Pay:Your fee minus 20%

Categories/Topics:Varies by project.

11. iWriter

With iWriter, you can earn a flat fee for each article. The fee depends a lot on your star rating, which you receive based on a test article and subsequent projects with clients.

According to the FAQ section of the site, you earn 65%the price customers payfor typical assignments, which will translate to very low fees when you're just getting started.

For example, the lowest attribution level is 150 words and you would earn 91 cents. Becoming an "elite plus" writer (ranking 4.85 or higher) will dramatically increase your earnings. Completea writer appto start.

Pay:91 cents to $282.75 per project

Categories/Topics:Varies by project.

12. nDash

Founded in 2014 as a one-man operation, nDash now has a network of over 10,000 freelance writers, connecting with their clients, some of whom are well-known brands.

To get started with nDash,you need to apply, create a free profile that highlights your prior knowledge and experience, and set up a Stripe account to get paid.

You will be able to set your rates based on the type of project (blog, whitepaper, email, article, etc.). nDash does not take pay cuts like other marketplaces. Instead, charge your customers.

Pay:100% of your fixed fee ($150 to $450 on average according to nDash)

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Categories/Topics:Varies by project.

13. Upward work

Upwork is another great freelance marketplace online. It caters to all types of industries, including and primarily writing services.

Before accepting jobs, you will needsign up for free and create a freelancer profile. With Upwork, you set your own rates and find work by introducing clients directly, accepting jobs from clients who have contacted you, or bidding on projects that clients have posted.

While Upwork is free to sign up, it does charge a fee.rate based on your lifetime earningswith a client, between 5% and 20% of your fixed rate.

Pay:Fixed rate minus 5% to 20%

Categories/Topics:Varies by project.

17 Legitimate Ways to Get Paid to Write (2)

Earn money for writing poetry, fiction, and other creative work

To get paid to write creative work, forget about everything you know about freelance writing. getting yourpublished creative writingit's a different beast entirely, and very few people make a living writing poetry or fiction alone.

Still, seeing your name in a literary magazine can be a rewarding experience, and that experience is only heightened when you get paid for your creative masterpiece.

Not all creative writing publishers pay. In fact, it is common to see "shipping costs" in the senseyouthey are payingtheyto review your work. In such cases, publication is not guaranteed. You want to avoid these scenarios entirely when you're just starting out.

We've listed several posts below that don't charge any of these fees and will pay a modest amount to get started.

professional advice

The world of creative writing runs on Submittable, an online presentation manager. CanCreate a free Submittable account.

14. Blue Mountain Arts

If your poetry has a more lyrical, upbeat vibe, consider writing for greeting cards. (Literary magazines are notoriously snobby about this type of writing.)

Blue Mountain Arts, a gift and greeting card company,accepts seasonal poetry submissionsonline and by mail.

First place receives $350. Second place receives $200. And third place receives $100. Winning poems are published on greeting cards and online. Outside of the poetry contest, you can also submit seasonal poems.who follow these guidelines.

Pay:$100 to $350 per poem

Categories/Topics:Wellness Poetry Related to Special Occasions

15. Rattle

Rattle is an online and print magazine that only publishes poetry and offers poets weekly opportunities to get paid to write.

While the print magazine is published quarterly, Rattle also runs a weekly "Poets Respond" online contest that asks poets to write about a current event that happened last week.

The acceptance fee for the print edition is $200 per poem and the online publication pays $100 per poem. Refer to theproper shipping guidelinesbefore submitting your work.

Pay:$100 to $200 per poem


16. The Threepenny Review

A quarterly literary magazine, The Threepenny Review publishes nonfiction essays, memoirs and reviews, fictional stories, and print poetry.

Depending on the type of piece, you can expect between $200 and $400 per published work.

In accordance withwriter's guidelines, The Threepenny Review does not accept email submissions and does not accept submissions between May 1 and December 31.

Pay:US$ 200 a US$ 400

Categories/Topics:Reviews, reviews, memoirs, and other nonfiction works; poetry and fiction

17. Poetry Corner

Poetry Nook is a website and forum for poets and poetry lovers. It is operated by the literary magazine Plum White Press.

Every week, Recanto da Poesia performs afree entry poetry contest(for 350 weeks and counting). Multiple winners and honorable mentions can be chosen. Winners receive a payment of $20 via PayPal and honorable mentions receive $10.

The Poetry Nook contest is a great way for budding poets to get paid to write. There are no subject or length requirements for poems, it's "the organic impression and memorability that matters," according to the submission guidelines.

Make sure you enter the correct contest as the link changes every week. You can find the latest contest on the Poetry Nook home page.

Pay:$10 to $20 per poem


17 Legitimate Ways to Get Paid to Write (3)

Other strategies to get paid to write

Writing is about so much more than freelance websites and open calls for submissions. Once you're comfortable (and perhaps after you've had a few successful projects), you can start implementing some long-term strategies to build your reputation as a successful writer.

They may not be as clear as the previous options, but they are still important.


Bid on your favorite posts

Proposing ideas for unsolicited articles is a complicated and vague process. But pitching is a crucial skill for freelance writers, especially freelance journalists and content writers. There are countless opportunities to publish in your favorite alternative weekly, local newspaper, magazine or online publication, and they are rarely (if ever) advertised.

In ourbuilt-in guide to submit your article ideas, we explain exactly how to find the right person to introduce you to and what to include in your email introduction.

Here are some important topics:

  • Choose the correct editor or your email will never be read.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of what the publication has already published on the topic.
  • Create a short and sweet email that shows a busy editor that the #. #1 your presentation is a good idea and #1. #2 you are the best person to write it.

professional advice

Finding a publisher's email can be difficult. Browse the post header or staff page and use tools like Hunter.io to guess and verify the email addresses of specific editors.

Even if the editor likes your idea, the job doesn't end there. Then you must be ready to negotiate your payment, another vague and informal process. Our guide will help you find out exactlyhow much to charge for your freelance work.

start your own blog

If you're interested in freelance writing or starting a freelance writing business, chances are you've already started a blog or are considering one. Blogging is incredibly popular with writing enthusiasts, and it's one of the first steps many new freelance writers take when they want to get paid to write.

The truth is that blogs are hard to monetize. It's certainly not a quick way to get paid to write, but it's not outdated either. It will take sustained effort to become a successful blogger. Fortunately, we have a wealth of resources to help you.

First, you will needlearn to create a blog, if you haven't already. That includes:

  • Choosing a writing niche
  • Selecting a catchy domain name and finding a host for your website
  • Building a friendly blog

Once you've got the basics set up, you'll want to make a dedicated plan formonetize your blog. Successful monetization strategies often include:

  • Write informative and authoritative blog posts optimized for search engines
  • Write for other blogs and publications that allow you to link to your own site
  • Sign up for affiliate partnerships with brands related to the topic you cover, so you can earn commission for sponsored links in your blog posts.
  • Allow ads on your pages, usually through Google AdSense, so you get paid when people visit your page and interact with the ads.

Due to the time investment of blogging, we recommend that you concurrently write for a few of the posts mentioned above so that you can earn some money while you build your site. And don't worry if it doesn't take off. At the very least, your blog can double as a portfolio site to help you land other clients and jobs.

Start a career as a writer

The freelance writing business is not for everyone. There are many unpaid, late-night hours involved in setting things up. (And that's not to mention the added tax burden and lack of benefits.)

The good news is that you can start writing by temporarily freelancing to build a portfolio. You can then use that portfolio to land a full-time job with health benefits and paid time off.

What writing jobs are there? Many, and beyond the obvious journalist and author jobs as well.

Wherever you look, there are words. Words on book covers. Words in your vehicle manual that teach you what that wavy exclamation point on your dash means. Words that induce you to buy things.

You get the idea. There is one person (or maybe even a team of people) behind all those words, and they get paid. Their titles include Copywriter, UX Writer, Product Writer, Technical Writer, Content Marketing Writer, and more.

Even more good news: These types of jobs were already remote-friendly before the pandemic. In fact, writing jobs are among the most listed jobs onPenny Hoarder's work-from-home portal.

So whether or not your ultimate goal is to freelance, the published clips you accumulate along the way can help you build an impressive portfolio, establish yourself as an expert in a given subject, and even launch your career as a full-time freelance writer. . The options are endless.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about writing for money

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about getting paid to write.

Who will pay me to write?

Many people and publications will pay you to write articles, blog posts, and more. If you are self-employed, it all depends on how you find your client. Many companies hire writers as employees. Advertising agencies, online publications, and marketing firms are among the most popular types of businesses that hire copywriters directly.

If you are using a freelance site like Upwork, the payment will come from Upwork, not directly from the client, as Upwork works as an intermediary.

If you submit your article or creative writing directly to a publication, the publication will typically pay via direct deposit, check, PayPal, or some other established payment method.

Where can I send an essay for money?

The easiest places to send texts for money are publications that have clearly defined sending guidelines. Some sites, including content mills, online magazines, and literary magazines, may accept submissions year-round and display their rates publicly. We have covered several of these places to submit your writing in this article.

Alternatively, you can pitch magazines, newspapers, and some blogs with your story idea, and then negotiate your payment if they like your idea.

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How can I make money writing online?

Freelance and blogging sites like Fiverr and Upwork are among the most popular options for making money writing online. But they are not always the fastest and most cost-effective options.

In addition to these popular methods, you should also consider writing articles for blogs, as well as more traditional types of publications, such as magazines, newspapers, and literary journals, all of which are likely to be published online.

Neither method is a source of income, but if you combine them, it is possible to make a living writing.

Where can I find freelance writing jobs?

Finding freelance writing jobs is much easier if you diversify your sources. In addition to posting directly and signing up for freelance sites, you should set up email alerts for a job board or two.

media Bistro,The Penny Hoarder Work-From-Home job portal, FlexJobs, and sometimes even standard job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor can be helpful tools when searching for quality writing jobs.

And instead of waiting for the job to be posted on a job board, you can go directly to the source. Major online publishers like DotDash (owner of Verywell, Investopedia, The Spruce, and several other online publications) and Vox Media (owner of The Verge, Vox, Eater, Polygon, and others) post jobs for freelance writers on their own exchanges. I work all the time. time.

How do I start a career as a writer?

Writing careers don't always start with a journalism or English degree (although a related degree certainly helps). Many writers find success by falling in love with writing later in life, choosing to be self-employed and slowly building up experience and a portfolio before finally applying for a full-time job as a bona fide writer or journalist.

One thing is for sure, whether through credentials or previously posted jobs, you need to be able to prove your writing skills to get a job.

Matt Matasci is a Southern California-based freelance writer who writes about technology and business, as well as travel and lifestyle topics.

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How can I get paid to write anything? ›

12 ways to get paid to write articles
  1. Upwork. Upwork is one of the most popular platforms freelancers use to find work online. ...
  2. Copyhackers. ...
  3. Fiverr. ...
  4. Listverse. ...
  5. Vibrant Life. ...
  6. Narratively. ...
  7. FreelanceMom. ...
  8. nDash.
Aug 4, 2022

Where can I write and get paid instantly? ›

Opportunities to Write and Get Paid Instantly
  • Listverse. Listverse is considered the original Top 10 website, which not only makes for an interesting read, but also a potential source of income. ...
  • Wonderslist. ...
  • Cracked. ...
  • Tuts+ ...
  • SitePoint. ...
  • Smashing Magazine. ...
  • Photoshop Tutorials. ...
  • InstantShift.
Jun 17, 2021

How do I make my first $1000 as a content writer? ›

How To Strategize Your First $1,000
  1. Introduce yourself (1 sentence)
  2. Tell them you want to write content for them.
  3. Give them 3 examples of articles you can write for them.
  4. Tell them you're available for a quick call any day this week to talk further.
Jun 9, 2020

What types of writing pay the most? ›

But you may ask;
  • What Makes a Freelance Gig profitable? The ratio of supply and demand is what makes a niche profitable. ...
  • What Are The Most Profitable Freelance Writing Jobs? ...
  • 1: Book Ghostwriting. ...
  • 2: White-papers. ...
  • 3: Long-form Content. ...
  • 4: E-Book Writing. ...
  • 5: Case Studies. ...
  • 6: SEO Writing.

How can I get paid for writing with no experience? ›

The best entry-level freelance writing jobs for beginners
  1. Rewrite local small-business websites. ...
  2. Find abandoned business blogs. ...
  3. Write business emails. ...
  4. Create a newsletter or brochure. ...
  5. Report articles for local news media. ...
  6. Write for local magazines. ...
  7. Turn your former employer into a client. ...
  8. Write for local marketing agencies.

Where can I get paid for my handwriting? ›

To earn money at home you can try to offer your handwriting services in the wedding and event industry. You can find many people looking for a calligrapher online and if you're skilled in this field, then wedding planners will be easily able to find your services.

What website pays you to write? ›

At FreelancerCareers.com, you can easily find well-paying writing jobs associated to your interests. The payments vary depending on the complexity of the job, but you'll get from $7 to $31 per page for your work.

What is the strange website that pays you $60 for 600 words? ›

Writer's Weekly

They pay $60 for original articles of 600 words or more. You must submit a query and follow their writer's guidelines to get paid on this site. You can also publish reprints of articles you have previously published.

How do I get paid online ASAP? ›

What's the easiest way for beginners to make money online?
  1. Get involved in market research.
  2. Become an online tutor.
  3. Sell your clothes and other belongings.
  4. Become an affiliate for your favorite brands.
  5. Start a dropshipping online business.
  6. Transcribe recordings.
  7. Rent out your stuff.
Nov 28, 2022

Do first time authors make money? ›

How much can authors expect to earn from their books? A first-time author with a traditional publishing deal might expect an advance of $1,000-$10,000 and 5-18% royalties once they “earn out” their advance. Self-published authors do not receive advances, but their royalties can reach up to 70% for ebook editions.

How do I find my writing niche? ›

How can I test your freelance writing niche?
  1. Read lots of content. If you think you might enjoy a specific topic or type of content, look for and read lots of examples. ...
  2. Look at job boards. ...
  3. Start a blog. ...
  4. Establish a social media presence. ...
  5. Write a guest post.

How do new writers get paid? ›

How to Make Money Writing
  1. Guest Post on High-Paying Publications and Magazines. ...
  2. Become a Copywriter. ...
  3. Do Freelance Content Writing for Businesses. ...
  4. Ghostwrite Stories. ...
  5. Get Paid to Write on Medium. ...
  6. Self-Publish on Kindle. ...
  7. Blog and Make Money through Affiliate Marketing. ...
  8. Find Paid Writing Internships.
Aug 24, 2021

How do I start writing for a living? ›

The 5 Most Realistic Ways to Make Money Writing
  1. Get Paid to Write Articles for Blogs, Magazines, and Journals.
  2. Make Money by Creating Collateral for Content-Hungry Businesses.
  3. Get Paid to Write by Becoming a Best-Selling Kindle Author.
  4. Make Money Writing as a Conversion-Focused Copywriter.
Jan 11, 2023

Is there a demand for writers? ›

Employment of writers and authors is projected to grow 4 percent from 2021 to 2031, about as fast as the average for all occupations. About 15,200 openings for writers and authors are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

How much do beginner writers make? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $52,000 and as low as $23,500, the majority of Entry Level Content Writer salaries currently range between $40,000 (25th percentile) to $47,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $52,000 annually across the United States.

How to get an online writing job? ›

  1. Traditional Job Boards. If you're looking for a full-time writing job, traditional job boards are the way to go. ...
  2. Freelance Writing Job Boards. ...
  3. 3. Facebook Writing Job Boards. ...
  4. Work for More Established Writers. ...
  5. Upwork. ...
  6. Use Your Network. ...
  7. Creative Staffing Agencies. ...
  8. Cold Pitching.
Mar 17, 2021

What writing jobs don t require a degree? ›

No Degree Required Writer jobs in Online
  • Video game guides writer. KeenGamer s.r.o. ...
  • Jet Ski/PWC Freelance Writer [REMOTE] Blue Water Media ApS. ...
  • Blog Writer. LHT. ...
  • Baseball Writer. Through The Fence Sports. ...
  • Writer, Politics. Fox Corporation. ...
  • Freelance DIY Writer. ...
  • Freelance Writer and Social Media Manager. ...
  • Commerce Writer, Travel.

Can I get paid to write from home? ›

Writing is one of the best ways to get paid for working online. Whether you decide to start up a blog, launch a freelance writing career, or simply pitch story ideas to various online publications, you'll find that writing gives you the skills and flexibility to earn money without having to pay huge startup fees.

What is simple handwriting job? ›

Simple Handwriting Job Just Copy And Write Students Assignments in Small Letters Or Cursive Letters AND EARN Weekly salary 11000 TO 33000. You can write in Cursive Letters or Small Letters Choice is yours.

Is handwriting legitimate? ›

No scientific evidence exists to support graphology, and it is generally considered a pseudoscience or scientifically questionable practice. However, it remains in widespread use in France and has historically been considered legitimate for use in some court cases.

What apps pay you to write? ›

  • Kindle direct publishing (KDP) Kindle direct publishing is an excellent platform powered by Amazon where you can easily self-publish your stories and start making money from your home. ...
  • Listverse. Are you an experienced writer? ...
  • Wattpad. ...
  • Dreame. ...
  • Writers Weekly. ...
  • Inkitt. ...
  • Strange Horizon. ...
  • Penpee.

Is paid online writing jobs legitimate? ›

In the end that Paid Online Writers Jobs aren't genuine. This is a scam and does not have any real-world value. Alternate: On the other the other hand, if you're trying to look for the ideal method to earn an income from home for a newbie There are alternatives better, more appropriate, and affordable options.

Can I get paid to write about my life? ›

I have good news: you can write a personal story and get paid for it. Yes, there are publications looking for such pieces. Their rates are decent and they don't discriminate based on the location or background of the writer so feel free to submit your personal story to them.

What is best paid to write website? ›

Get Paid to Write Articles: 21 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You $100+ Per Article [2023 Update]
  • Fiverr. ...
  • Greatist. ...
  • Longreads. ...
  • Listverse. ...
  • Copyhackers. ...
  • Photoshop Tutorials. ...
  • Informed Comment. ...
  • The Travel Writer's Life.
Feb 24, 2023

Which platform is best for writers? ›

LinkedIn is currently the best social media platform for freelance writers. LinkedIn is a platform of sheer professionals who are serious about their craft and want to learn and grow as a community. If a freelance writer wants to start their journey on social media, LinkedIn is the great place for the same.

Does textbroker really pay? ›

Unfortunately, Textbroker has one of the lowest pay scales for their writers of all the content marketing platforms. If you're fortunate enough to receive a four-star rating right off the bat, you'll enjoy a $0.014 per word. And that's for SEO content that Textbroker describes as “very good quality.”

How much does online writing pay? ›

As of Feb 27, 2023, the average annual pay for an Online Writer in the United States is $78,464 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $37.72 an hour.

How do I get paid to write copy? ›

To find these jobs, you can turn to many job search engines and filter for the copywriting role you're looking for. Some popular websites for copywriting freelancing are Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, and many more.

How can I earn money by handwriting online? ›

7 Ways to Make Money if You Have Great Handwriting
  1. #1 Calligraphy. ...
  2. #2 Create and sell fonts. ...
  3. #3 Write letters or postcards. ...
  4. #4 Handwritten invitations. ...
  5. #5 Handwritten Christmas cards. ...
  6. #6 Create and handwrite poetry cards. ...
  7. #7 Create products with unique handwritten quotes. ...
  8. Tips for selling your handwriting:

How can I sell my story for cash? ›

So what to do? Well, if you have a real life story to sell, get in touch with a content agency. With experience in the media business, the content agencies have contacts in the editorial departments of hundreds of publications. They know what kind of story sells and who will pay the most for it.

How do you sell your life story? ›

7 Ways to Sell Your Story (Script, Book, Stage Play or Podcast) to "Hollywood"
  1. Sell/Option to a Producer or Production Company. ...
  2. Get Management Representation. ...
  3. Attend a Film Market. ...
  4. Get into a Development Program. ...
  5. Connect with an Up-and-Coming Director or Producer to Get the Film Made. ...
  6. Create Your Own IP. ...
  7. Use a Pitch Platform.

Who is the richest writer in the world? ›

The Ten Richest Authors in the World
  • Nigel Blackwell – $292.5 Million.
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford – $300 Million.
  • Danielle Steel – $310 Million.
  • Nora Roberts – $390 Million.
  • Stephen King – $400 Million.
  • James Patterson – $560 Million.
  • J.K. Rowling – $1 Billion.
  • Elisabeth Badinter – 1.3 Billion.
Feb 10, 2023

How much do first-time authors make? ›

How much can authors expect to earn from their books? A first-time author with a traditional publishing deal might expect an advance of $1,000-$10,000 and 5-18% royalties once they “earn out” their advance. Self-published authors do not receive advances, but their royalties can reach up to 70% for ebook editions.

Can you make a lot of money self publishing? ›

The salary range for self-published ranges quite drastically, and mostly depends on the number of books sold. Self-published authors can make between 40 to 60 percent royalties on a single book sale. This is far more than traditionally published authors who make only 10-12 percent royalties.


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